House Gyilkos

The Grand Melee

A new morning begins for House Gyilkos!

  • In the forenoon Jaqen Morghully competes in the last round of the archery competion. With confidence and steady hands, and maybe with a bit of luck, he wins and earns glory, gold and an inventation to the ball for House Gyilkos.
  • The last round of the jousting takes place and Ser Loras Tyrell wins.
  • With rain pouring down and Noel Gyilkos cheering on the side, the house fights well together with the sellsword in the grand melee. By standing their ground and letting enemies crash into them like water on the shore they end up as one of the last groups on the field. Not even Thoros of Myr can withstand them and he falls from a well placed blow by Rashgar. With only 3 men left from the beginning seven, they have to submitt when Sandor Clegane attacks.
    Still a great day for House Gyilkos in the tourney!
  • During the evening Noel Gyilkos talks to Iris Dannett to see if she has figured out anything of House Lugus and their, what is thought conspiracy, against House Gyilkos and House Dannett.
    After a while she tells that Naton Lugus bragged to her about the (poison) knife Noel got. Noels not entirely convinced by what Iris Dannett told him puts his pursuation skills to good use.
    Iris Dannett ends up crying and telling that she had a plan together with Orten Lugus.
    She was to merry him to once again become a noble. Iris Dannett also tells that during the ball she planned to accuse House Gyilkos of poisoning her brother because she though that was the case. Obviously House Gyilkos had not and convinced her so.
    Noel presents to Iris Dannett what he thinks is a better plan. She will instead merry him, bounding the two Houses together. House Gyilkos will take care of House Lugus, killing them in their sleep by perhaps poison, doing what is said by many a “womans game” or an ignoble act.
    Iris Dannett accepts the offer since she was convinced that House Gyilkos might not be the one behind her brother Adham Dannett death.
    This master plan will give House Gyilkos influence over House Dannett and in the future even put them as heads of House Dannett.
    House Lugus will be weakened by the death of the first and second heir and that might give an opportunity the increase House Gyilkos lands even more. It is a true plot and a game of thrones altough the price might not be the crown.
  • With matters still being a bit fuzzy and unclear, both brothers of House Lugus still breathing and more people playing the game things might not turn out House Gyilkos way. Only time will tell the outcome!



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