Jaqen Morghully

Greatest archer in Westeros with alcoholic issues.


‘Father’ to Neil Rivers


Newborne boy named Jaqen Morghully was raised by leader huntsman, Leo Straf, within a caravan after he found him in babybasket next to his mother while passing through a village that had been raided last night. Leo took care of the little boy and promised himself that he will make him into a great huntsman as the rest of his huntsmen he has trained past 25 years. Jaqen gave Leo a hard time during explorations of Westeros and experienced his childhood as outlaw while travelling with caravans. The day Jaqen turned into a matured young teenage boy and could finally managed to handle all hunting gear, Leo took him with his huntsmen for Jaqen’s first hunt. Managed to take out a 48 pounds boar on his first hunt and since that day Leo noticed that Jaqen was a extremely quick learner and projected a very competitive character, between teenage and adult Jaqen did compete with those elder huntsmen about anything and nothing. During late evenings when all were gathered around campfire for food time.

A month later, an early bright morning three huntsmen discovered a large smoke 2 miles further and Leo sent away Jaqen with five other huntsmen to find out more about the smoke meanwhile caravan was searching for shelter in woods a quarter mile from the main road. Arriving to the smoke that was a village burned to the ground with burn corpses and collapsed houses, Jaqen got reminded by the story Leo told him every night when he got found by Leo in his own devastated village. Jaqen and rest of huntsmen started to look for survivals and some dry goods. Meanwhile Leo and a dozen of huntsmen got caravan set and ready for the night they got suddenly ambushed by four dozens of bandits, huntsmen a caravan travelers did make strong resistance and after the bloodbath did eight of bandits survived started to ransack the caravan. When Jaqen and the other five huntsmen returned to their caravan seeing it being ransacked by bandits. Jaqen ordered to ambush them and leave no behind, another three of the huntmen went lost, Jaqen went looking for Leo but his bloodlust was already gone and his body was cold. Screaming out his sorrow over Leo’s dead body brought the remaining huntsmen to him, after a mass funeral that evening did Jaqen drink his sorrow away with reamining huntsmen, day after that, day after tomorrow and whole week until they ran out of storage.

When their storage got empty they slowly went to closest tavern they encountered. While entering the tavern Jaqen noticed a parchment that announced a tournament at House of Gyilkos, one and half day march south from this tavern did he find out after spending another three days sorrowing his people in this tavern. On the fourth day he went to stable with his two remaining huntsmen and they took off to House of Gyilkos for the tournament, to get some rewards, refill their storage and continue their own journey. Sir Noel Gyilkos got very impressed while watching those huntsmen during the archer contests with his knight (Ser Cederic Volvulus) beside him that were mocking those huntsmen all time, that their own archers would get some benefits during the contests. Unfortunately Jaqen and his huntsmen filched the rewards during archer contests. Sir Noel Gyilkos went to his father and asked if he could hire those huntsmen to train and improve their own archer squad and the permission got authorized. Sir Noel Gyilkos and his knight found Jaqen and his huntsmen in a tavern, huntsmen accepted Sir Noel Gyilkos’s offer and to be continue….

Jaqen Morghully

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